The Value of Giving — an End to the Wait List for Organ Donation

Shauna Jenkins (Simmonds), Founder of MakeYouThink® TV and proud sponsor of The Organ Gala with Carrie Underwood on March 31st, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Last Friday night, I had the opportunity with MakeYouThink®, to sponsor one of the most significant events of the year in Toronto, Canada. The Organ Project, founded by Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club is an initiative to end the wait list for organ donation.
“After undergoing the harrowing experience of waiting for an organ to save his life and, ultimately being matched with an anonymous live donor after a public appeal, Eugene set out to solve this problem and end the wait list.” Find out more on The Organ Project website. #endthewaitlist
Carrie Underwood brought her beautiful gift of art and entertainment to Toronto and gave a private concert to those in attendance. MakeYouThink was privileged to sponsor such a great evening with so many unique connections to the Organ Project – remembering our video on the Value of Purpose that we produced with Carrie’s husband, NHL player, Mike Fisher, when he was on the Ottawa Senators.

Organ donation is close to my heart. My own mom was a liver organ recipient in 2015 from my brother Craig, who so generously donated part of his liver to save her life! Watch this short video:

Our family saw her deterioration to a desperate place for a transplant. In our case, the wait was a matter of testing and finding a living donor match as 42 people came forward to donate. I am SO incredibly grateful to these individuals who came forward to save her life! However, this is not the case for so many others. Without a willing live donor, and proper match, so many people are unable to receive a transplant because the wait time is so long for a cadaver (not a living) donor.

One person willing to donate their organs can save up to 8 lives!

Medicine has come a LONG way but it is now a case for awareness and laws to change to enable organ donation to hurry up and match the demands. In some cases, where an individual has said yes to donating their organs at end of life, the laws enable their executor to override this decision. It is the work of organizations like The Organ Project that are beginning to bring awareness to these issues and speed up the wait times.
Craig Simmonds, Organ Donor with his mom Fay Simmonds sharing their story at The Organ Gala in Toronto, Canada
A private concert by Carrie Underwood at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada to bring awareness to Organ Donation.
As you may know, the Value of Giving, is one of MakeYouThink’s 12 values in our video series to inspire youth. Our movie called “Collide” is just that — an inspiration to young people to collide with others in their community or around the globe to see and meet the needs of those around them.

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