Why Being the Best “YOU” Can Influence How You Raise the Next Generation

I was driving in the car the other day and my daughter (3 yrs old) exclaimed words from the backseat that I had spoken word-for-word earlier that day. As soon as I heard her, I could only think that she is picking up WAY more than I actually realize just from being around me.
As a teacher, parent, or youth leader, we’d like to know that what we are teaching is being RETAINED by the students we teach. Without this, our roles would be futile. I’ve heard it said of teaching, “More is CAUGHT than TAUGHT”.
Could it be that your kids are retaining not just what you’re teaching but HOW you’re teaching it?
The very nature of your mannerisms…the fluctuation of your voice…the respect you show…or the mercy you give when a child or student doesn’t deserve it — your influence is incredibly massive on your children and those you teach.
You need to know that you are very influential in the lives of your students!
That’s why being the BEST you is the best gift you could give your own kids, the kids in your classroom or anyone in the world around you.
Here are some beautiful ways that you can seek to become the best you possible!

Don’t wait! Start today.

1. Deal with your pain. Everybody will experience pain in their lifetime. Not one single person on this planet hasn’t been hurt. Some of us grew up in hurtful environments. Some of us have dealt with greater pain than others. It’s a fact and yet some of us freeze when we’re in pain, fight when we’re in pain or flight (run) from pain. One of your greatest assets in life is knowing how to DEAL with pain when you’re in it. Pain can wreck a marriage. It can wreck relationships. It can kill your inspiration. Dealing with pain will change everything. Because there’s one thing that’s a fact. We will all feel it at some point in life so if you can decide now how you’re going to deal with it, you will be WAY better off when it happens and SO will the people you teach, work with or live with on an everyday basis. When we’re in pain, either emotionally or physically, we lash out or seek refuge. If the pain gets bad enough and we don’t have an emotionally safe place to deal with our pain, we will most likely find a hidden place — a secret place and deal with it in unhealthy ways. And that’s where hidden addictions begin. But the source of it all is pain. Masked pain.
So, deal with your pain. Don’t let it go on. Nip it in the bud! You’ll be better off and so will the people around you. Find a counsellor. Talk. Don’t let it fester. Get it done and dealt with sooner than later so you don’t make bigger mistakes with larger consequences that you’ll regret later on in life.

Below are 3 more keys to success. I’ll write more on these later.
2. Learn to Forgive.
3. Learn to Appreciate/An Attitude of Gratitude.
4. Never stop learning!

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