Empowering Today’s Youth

Today’s youth are faced with a wide range of challenges from bullying to substance abuse to time-management. Give our youth a way to prepare themselves for each challenge they will face. Empower them with the life skills they need to become confident young adults.

Introducing the MakeYouThink Life Skills Program.

MakeYouThink Life Skills Program

Four Units

Twelve Lessons

Created for youth

The MakeYouThink Life Skills Program gives a voice to hard-hitting topic areas like bullying while introducing effective solutions and coping techniques designed to prepare today’s youth with the skills and confidence to face the challenges of everyday life.

Each lesson focuses on a one life skill and includes:

01. Lesson Guide

02. Lesson Video

03. Lesson Introduction & Activity

04. Discussion Questions

05. Group Engagement Activities

06. Take-Home Assignment

07. Self-Reflection Activity

08. Bonus: Music Video

Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.

Preview a Lesson Video: Perseverance

Completely customizable for your needs! Buy one lesson, a unit, or the entire program!

Unit 1: Ethics

Lesson 1: Honesty
Lesson 2: Giving
Lesson 3: Respect

Unit 2: Identity

Lesson 1: Self-Worth
Lesson 2: Forgiveness
Lesson 3: Love

Unit 3: Leadership

Lesson 1: Humility
Lesson 2: Responsibility
Lesson 3: Purpose

Unit 4: Resilience

Lesson 1: Self-Discipline
Lesson 2: Perseverance
Lesson 3: Hope

Created to give youth the values and life skills to grow into confident young adults.

Our Life Skills program exists to aide in the development of student’s/young people’s ability to self-reflect.