Empowering Today’s Youth

Develop Confident Young Adults

Character Education is an essential building block in the development of confident young adults through specific life skill lessons.

Building Brighter Futures

Give our youth a way to prepare themselves for each challenge they will face.

Incorporating Character Education in your classroom will give your students the life skills to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Value themselves & others
  • Build confidence
  • Prepare for a successful career
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Respect one-another
  • And more

What are
Life Skills?

Life skills are abilities or competencies that help individuals succeed in life by effectively handling demands, challenges and social situations faced in everyday life.


The MakeYouThink Life Skills program is highly customizable, allowing educators to teach to the specific needs of their students and curriculum.

With its unique unit and lesson design, the MakeYouThink Life Skills program helps improve the success rate of character education in today’s classroom.

Program Features

4 Units each consisting of three smaller, easier-to-discuss lessons
12 Lessons: One Life skill per lesson
21st Century Skill development
Flexible course design
Highly motivational & engaging content

Each lesson focuses on one life skill and includes:

01. Lesson Guide

02. Lesson Videos

03. Lesson Introduction & Activity

04. Discussion Questions

05. Group Engagement Activities

06. Take-Home Assignment

07. Self-Reflection Activity

08. Accessible Online

Completely customizable for your needs: buy one lesson, a unit, or the entire Life Skills program!

Unit 1: Ethics

Lesson 1: Honesty
Lesson 2: Giving
Lesson 3: Respect

Unit 2: Identity

Lesson 1: Self-Worth
Lesson 2: Forgiveness
Lesson 3: Love

Unit 3: Leadership

Lesson 1: Humility
Lesson 2: Responsibility
Lesson 3: Purpose

Unit 4: Resilience

Lesson 1: Self-Discipline
Lesson 2: Perseverance
Lesson 3: Hope

How to purchase

Purchase the life skills lessons in one of three ways:

Single Lesson
For educators


  • One Life Skill
  • Online Access
  • Lesson Guide
  • Engagement Activities
Pick Your Skill
Full Unit
For educators


  • Three Life Skills
  • Online Access
  • Lesson Guides
  • Engagement Activities
Pick Your Unit
Life Skills Program
For educators


  • Twelve Life Skills
  • Online Access
  • Lesson Guides
  • Engagement Activities
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