Building Brighter Futures

Improve Student Life Readiness

MakeYouThink Life Skills program gives educators all the tools needed to teach Middle, and High School students the skills needed for a successful future.

Benefits You Can See

Incorporating Character Education and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into your classroom through the MakeYouThink Life Skills program will benefit both your students and your school in numerous ways.

Gives students the skills to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Value themselves & others
  • Build self confidence
  • Respect one-another
  • Succeed beyond the classroom
  • Face life’s challenges
  • Improve academic performance

School Benefits Include:

  • Create safer schools
  • Reduce bullying & violence
  • Improve student leadership
  • Better attendance
  • Fewer disciplinary issues
  • Reduction in substance abuse
  • Less violence
  • Mutual respect between students & teachers

What are
Life Skills?

Life skills are abilities or competencies that help individuals succeed in life by effectively handling demands, challenges and social situations faced in everyday life.


The MakeYouThink Life Skills program incorporates a modular approach to Character Education and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), focusing on one life skill per lesson.

This unique unit and lesson design allow educators to customize and teach to the needs of their students resulting in deeper learning, and higher levels of student engagement.

The Curriculum

The MakeYouThink Life Skills curriculum is a digital program with print-ready, easy-to-use resources comprised of four units and twelve lessons.

Unit 1: Ethics

Lesson 1: Honesty
Lesson 2: Giving
Lesson 3: Respect

Unit 2: Identity

Lesson 1: Self-Worth
Lesson 2: Forgiveness
Lesson 3: Love

Unit 3: Leadership

Lesson 1: Humility
Lesson 2: Responsibility
Lesson 3: Purpose

Unit 4: Resilience

Lesson 1: Self-Discipline
Lesson 2: Perseverance
Lesson 3: Hope

Each lesson focuses on one life skill and includes:

Completely customizable:
buy one lesson, a unit, or the entire Life Skills program!

How to purchase

Purchase the life skills lessons in one of three ways:

Single Lesson
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  • One Life Skill
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  • Three Life Skills
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Pick Your Unit
Life Skills Program
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  • Twelve Life Skills
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