Life Skills

Give your teen the skills for a successful tomorrow.

Today’s youth are faced with a wide range of challenges:

  • Bullying
  • Substance abuse
  • Low self-esteem/self-image
  • Eating disorder
  • Time management
  • And more…

As a parent the hardest thing to do is to watch your teen struggle. But you can help.

Boy Teen Bullied

Give your teen a way to prepare themselves for each challenge they will face.

The MakeYouThink® Life Skills Program gives a voice to hard-hitting topic areas like bullying while introducing effective solutions and coping techniques designed to prepare today’s youth with the skills and confidence to face the challenges of everyday life.

Whether you want to learn more about the struggles your teen faces, work through tough issues together, or simply give your teen an outlet to discover and learn the MakeYouThink program can help.

Watch Together

Watch a lesson with your teen and discuss together.

They Watch

Let your teen watch a lesson to encourage discussion.

You Watch

Watch a lesson yourself to gain understanding of the issue.

Completely customizable for your needs: buy one lesson, a unit, or the entire program!

Unit 1: Ethics

Lesson 1: Honesty
Lesson 2: Giving
Lesson 3: Respect

Unit 2: Identity

Lesson 1: Self-Worth
Lesson 2: Forgiveness
Lesson 3: Love

Unit 3: Leadership

Lesson 1: Humility
Lesson 2: Responsibility
Lesson 3: Purpose

Unit 4: Resilience

Lesson 1:Self-Discipline
Lesson 2: Perseverance
Lesson 3: Hope

How to purchase

Purchase the life skills lessons in one of three ways:

Single Lesson
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Pick Your Skill
Full Unit
For parents


  • Three Life Skills
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Pick Your Unit
Life Skills Program
For parents


  • Twelve Life Skills
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